Supplying coffee is a must for any Horeca business. Nonetheless, the costs should remain within reasonable limits. We understand this. This is why we offer a broad range of coffees to meet your individual requirements. Also, our attractive leasing conditions for coffee machines spare you high acquisition costs and offer many included services.

Why us?


We deliver fast and free. You decide on location, frequency, and quantity. Also, we want to ensure that the provision of delicious hot drinks is continuously guaranteed. Therefore we include maintenance, repair and in case of defect exchange of the coffee machine in our offers.


For over more than half a century we have delivered the best quality of coffees, always freshly roasted by our master roaster Alain. Our range of different coffees convinces by versatility, which allows us to consider all coffee preferences. We also have a selected range of additional products.


You and your needs take center stage for us. Our advice is thus tailored to your individual situation. We support you in your choice of coffee, machine equipment, and answer any questions you may have. Together we determine the optimal solution for your coffee serving.