Want to compose a private label coffee? At Mokafina, this is possible in 3 simple steps. Together with you, we will look for the right formula and a new blend with the guarantee of high-quality coffee. A private label offers the opportunity to put together a unique coffee blend, without a price comparison. We’d love to hear from you.

Choose the right formula:

New Private Label


We start from scratch to build a strong coffee. Together, we will find a personal blend, based on your needs and wishes. You are free to choose anything.

U heeft een Private Label


If you already have a private label, or would like to add an extra label, we can help you. We are happy to give personal advice and see how we can make all aspects work together perfectly.

Horeca Private Label


This solution is ideally suited to catering businesses that have a minimum purchase of 3x 85kg per year. Take away the large investments in coffee machines, put a Private Label coffee in its place and we create a win-win situation.

Compose your Private Label:


The name becomes the signboard of your private label coffee! Think and consult, make it personal, make it unique. The sky is the limit, you can let your creative ideas run their course. Need advice or inspiration? Just ask us!


We offer you the chance to create a new composition of coffee beans. This way, you can create a unique, personal taste that you can share with others. Stop by and see our range of beans, or tell us what flavour you want and we’ll help you choose.


The name of your private label must be remembered, but the packaging must stand out. Here you have two choices: 1. you provide a creative design yourself, or 2. we let our creative minds loose on your private label coffee. The choice is yours!

They chose Mokafina as their Private Label partner:

Not only coffee can be realised: you can choose from a total package of coffee, capsules and sugar to metered pads. Other ideas of how you see your Private Label? Let us know about it!