Dessert is a carefully composed and subtle blend of the noblest and most carefully selected Arabicas. A very refined coffee enjoyment with a delicious, mild and slightly acidified taste.


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Deliciously soft coffee, roasted at an average high temperature for 12 minutes and with an elegant aroma, that is our Mokafina Dessert. A mix of carefully selected coffee beans. A cup of pure passion & craft to enjoy!

Mokafina coffee delivered every month? It’s possible with the new Mokafina subscriptions! Our traditional Belgian coffee roasting facility has been in existence for more than 60 years and now our delicious coffee is delivered directly to your home for the first time!

Especially for this, we have completely developed 3 unique coffee flavors that are not available anywhere else. We so strongly believe in this that our subscriptions to these flavors are not only cancellable and adaptable every month, we even have a “Not Good = Money Back” Guarantee!

So what are you waiting for ?! Discover our incredibly affordable range of subscriptions and experience our Mokafina coffee sensation daily at your home. Do we bet you never want to be without it again?

Monthly subscription. Monthly terminable.

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